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Learning. Guidance. Greatness.


Imagine the leadership or organizational changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, Living 4 Results provides you with expertise, counsel, and professional guidance every step of the way.

Who We Are

Meet your Human Resources Partner.

Luz Rodgers is a human resource professional with over 30 years of experience in multiple industries and global settings.  Luz has extensive experience in manufacturing, where her role has been to manage and lead the human resources function of the business. After working for a large pharmaceutical site where she executed a complete shutdown, Luz has come to realize her passion for change and driving executable results.  The result matters, especially when done respectfully and inclusively.

The way the leaders lead matters. 


Luz Rodgers is a passionate people advocate, HR leader and coach who has extensive human sources experience in order to provide an approach to driving success and executing on your goals personal or business.

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About Luz

Luz has a social work degree which she has leveraged to enhance the people experiences at their workplace(s) and has maintained several certifications including the Rutgers Master’s NextGen HR, SHRM Sr. Professional status, HRCI and is a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Program) coach.  Luz is also a certified organizational development practitioner (ODCP).   She has spent much of her experience working as an HR business partner, leading the function within the pharmaceutical, IT, and biotech industries. Her passion for helping people stems from her desire to give back and her faith-based living.

Luz has had a tremendous transformative career.  As noted she began with a desire to help people, along the way it was through mentors, coaches, and building up of her confidence, that she recognized the need to build on who you are, execute on your goals, and deliver the best you can be in our every-day lives at work.

As a single mother of one son, Thomas, and a strong dedication to her faith, Luz places high value on self-development as a journey, not a destination.  Her journey has been filled with people telling her she needed to change, her approach was just not right, and her words were not eloquent enough.  She knew deep inside that her belief and value placed on people being the drivers of corporations and deliverers of a better place to work constitutes what every study today is validating.


As a Latina born in Colombia, a first-generation college graduate, Luz also is very cognizant of living in a world of differentiation.  She was able to turn around an aspect of herself that was different from an ability to understand diversity.

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