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Human Resources Organizational Development Consultant & Employee Advocacy

Imagine the leadership or organizational changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, Living 4 Results provides you with expertise, counsel, and professional guidance every step of the way.

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Meet your Human Resources Partner.

Luz Rodgers is a human resource professional with over 30 years of experience in multiple industries and global settings.  Luz has extensive experience in manufacturing, where her role has been to manage and lead the human resources function of the business. After working for a large pharmaceutical site where she executed a complete shutdown, Luz realized her passion for change and driving executable results.  The result matters, especially when done respectfully and inclusively.

The way the leaders lead matters. 

How can we help you succeed?


Coaching & Advocacy

We are also available for personal coaching where personal change and transformation are fundamental. Included in our services are workshops and advocacy services for employees and people in need of support.  Our goals are to create the mindful steps on achieving one’s goals either from a personal perspective or an organizational one.


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Business HR & Consulting

Living 4 Results is a consultative service provider where the ultimate goal is to provide professional Human Resources and Individual services that center around changing and executing different results from the current state.  We provide executive coaching for transformational leadership HR projects of organizational assessment and change to small and midsize organizations.

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Getting Started

Depending on the request, Luz will be responsible for addressing issues through a Project, one-to-one consultation, or web responses.

Every consultation project includes:

  • Personal or executive coaching

  • Building a mentoring program

  • Organizational analysis

  • Leadership development

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"I have had the privilege of working with Luz for the past 10 years. Throughout our time together, Luz has faced many business challenges as well organizational development opportunities. Luz in her HR Lead role was an instrumental change agent leading organization(s) through startups, closures, turnarounds and restructuring. I have personally witnessed Luz’s exemplary skills in general HR leadership, HR systems and processes, organizational design, development of strategies, project planning/management and organizational development/coaching (for all levels) to prepare the businesses for change. I highly recommend Luz based on my direct interactions; she is a seasoned leader who can be hands-on and develop complex strategies to meet organizational/business needs."

- Brian Hanifin, CEO, Hanipharm, LLC

(former COO Minaris Regenerative Medicine)

"Today’s workforce is searching more than ever for personal growth and career advancement and is looking for the employer to provide a supportive environment to achieve these goals.  I would highly recommend determining how Luz Rodgers can provide time-tested and professional support to ensure that opportunities exist for employees to grow their careers within your organization.  Through her unique insights and passion, Luz brings the necessary energy and expertise to identifying workplace-specific employee development needs, then designs relevant programs to address those needs and executes the initiatives with measurable benefits for employees and employers alike."

- Robert Preti

Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting

Your Personalized HR Partner

Committed to delivering powerful results where it matters; to your business. 

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